Political Parties in Scottish and UK Politics

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Get to know the Political Parties behind Scottish and UK Politics.

Political Parties
In 2018, the largest party in the UK was the Conservative and Unionist Party (similar to our Republicans) or just the "Conservative party" are nicknamed "the Tories."  The second largest party is the Labour Party (similar to our Democrats), formerly called the Liberal Party are sometimes called the Labour Socialists. The third largest party in the UK is the Scottish National Party, called the "SNP" for short, is also largest party in Scotland. The SNP is a left of center political party founded in 1934 for the main purpose of returning Scotland as an independent country, separating from the United Kingdom with England.
♦  Major Party Websites: Conservative Party "Tories" (manifesto, wikipedia, youtube, facebook), Labour Party (manifesto, wikipedia, youtube, facebook), Scottish National Party "SNP" (policies, wikipedia, youtube, facebook).

Minor UK Political Parties: In the UK and Scottish political systems, smaller parties can play important roles in  building a minority coalition government, building an important 51% to run the government in exercising the executive powers.  The Brexit Party, a new party, recently won many European Parliament seats in the last 2019 EU election.  The Brexit Party was started in January 2019 by Nigel Farage, formerly of the UKIP Party (UK Independence Party). Other minor parties include the Liberal Democrats, call the "LibDems" for short; the Green Party, called the "Greens" for short, there is an England and Wales group and a separate Scottish Greens Party; and the Plaid Cymru party of Wales, a Welsh independence party.
♦  Minor Party Websites:  The Brexit Party (wikipedia, youtube, facebook), UK Independence Party "UKIP" (manifesto, wikipedia, youtube, facebook), Liberal Democrats "Lib Dems" (manifesto, wikipedia, youtube, facebook), Green Party of England and Wales (wikipedia, youtube, facebook), Scottish Green Party (manifesto, wikipedia, youtube, facebook), Plaid Cymru Wales (wikipedia, youtube, facebook).

♦  Wikipedia: Political Parties in the UK and Scottish Political Parties. 

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